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ZZ Top - the tres hombres from Texas are synonymous for their down to earth party-power with drive, class and a good amount of humor. Famous in Europe after their release of the "Eliminator" landmark album they are well known for their stunning live performance.

Die beste ZZ Top Liveband live music #bestcoverband ZZ Top Tribute cover band Live Band #besttributeband Coverband live music with ZZ Top Simply the beste Party-Band. Coverband Bruzzler. ZZ Top Tribute Band rocks. Live Band The feeling of a ZZ Top live-conzert is recreated by a long-bearded musician from Germany: Bruzzler the one-man ZZ Top tribute band. Staying true to the original arrangements not only the excellent bluesrock-boogie is presented but also a showcase, with the authentic sound, live-appearance and a precisely programmed lightshow.
Bruzzler has played on events for Harley-Davidson (European Bike Week), Biker- and US-car meetings, municipal and company events. TV-appearances and gigs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Netherlands and Croatia have established Bruzzler's reputation as an accomplished cover band / live- and one-man tribute band.

Dusty Hill of ZZ Top) about Bruzzler: "It's like looking in a mirror."
The added value for promoters: whereas an original ZZ Top show usually stops after less than 2h, Bruzzler has a lot of all-time favourites and classics from Bryan Adams, Kiss (with a dedicated tribute showcase as well!), Rolling Stones and AC/DC (some tribute time again...). Sufficient goodies for an all-night event. You get it all: ZZ Top tribute + cover band + live band power for party people.
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